Saturday, March 10, 2007

I (heart) my massage therapist...

Ouch! I can't remember if I mentioned (I'm trying not to turn this blog into the saga of Karlie's health and wellness) I spasmed up my back on Wednesday studying, and it wouldn't stretch out so I got to go the the massage therapist. Apparently I have some old notes hideing in there and that's why everything spasmed, so I get to go back a few more times to get them out. Bonus though, because even though it hurt like crazy, I felt soooooooooo much better afterwards. He's gonna get me all cleaned up before I start hiking around Red Lake this summer, and we're also gonna fix my terrible posture.

This weekend is dedicated to ME, since I've been crazy busy doing school work and stuff. Although term papers are creeping up on me, I need some time to chill out before I go nuts working on stuff. I've made it a goal to finish as much of the "Torque" sweater I can, although I'm having to knit it on needles 2 sizes smaller than called for to get anywhere near gauge! I think this is because the yarn is coughacryliccough, but it's in a nice colour and I don't want to waste a sweater's worth of yarn.

I've also figured something out - I really want an mp3 player, so that's going to be my one purchase this summer out of my paycheque. Actually, I might make it out of my tax return so I have it in Red Lake. Then I can send all the rest to bills and things without feeling bitter.

I'm also wanting a digital piano for my birthday (I'm hoping maybe my grandparents can go in with my parents on it?) so I'm gonna enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather today and go to JJH Mclean today to look for something like like this. My birthday of course isn't for a long time, but it'll get me out of the apartment into the *squee* sunshine!

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Atrum Angelis said...

I need chill time too. Too many papers, blarg. And thats what I'm doing. I'm currently trying to finish up dads present. Just can't seem to find my masking tape. :S