Saturday, December 08, 2007


Everything is done, except my grad school application. I got all my essays done, all my presentations, and my lab final. My finals were deferred, and I had surgery yesterday.

Turns out all this pain was caused by a number of adhesions from my appendectomy in 2004. They got in there and lysed them (basically cut them apart with a heated tool), and I got to go home. Unfortunately, I had a nasty cold which has turned into bronchitis, and the subsequent coughing has left me and my incisions in a lot of pain. I had to go in to the ER again today to get some different medicine, both to help the pain and to stop the coughing so that I don't cause any damage. There's a very VERY small likelihood I could "burst" my incisions or the adhesions but it should be OK. Because it's a little harder for me to care for myself and Sean needs to work, I'm going home to Dryden for a little bit. Have Mom, Dad, and Becky care for me for awhile!

The only Christmas presents I have left to knit are the socks and a neckwarmer (new addition to the list, but it's Knitty's Tudora and will be a very short delightful knit). That's what I'll be doing this week, along with knitting my own candy cane socks and some mitts for myself.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

More percentages

(If you're wondering why I keep posting these incredibly boring lists, it has a two-fold purpose. First, I feel guilted into working on my items because the progress is out there for the world to see. Second, I get a LOT of satisfaction out of crossing things off these lists.)

I'm stressed because I received a scholarship letter a few weeks ago, and I was going to bring in the acceptance this Monday. However, I just found out that they mailed out the letter on Oct 16, and I was supposed to accept the scholarship within 10 days of them issuing it to me....of course I didn't have the letter at that time. I'm going to go in and beg for it on Monday, wish me luck!

In Christmas news, I am now at the following percentages:

Lace Hat - Done
Felted Clogs - 50%
Fingerless Mittens - Done
Hat - Done
Socks - 50%

Candy Cane Socks for me - 0%

In school news, I am now at the following percentages:

Labs - Done
Lab final (Dec. 3) - 3/4 studying
Min Dep paper (Dec. 5)- Done
Min Dep presentation(Dec. 3) - 10%
Isotope Paper (Dec. 5) - Done
Isotope Presentation - Done and presented 90%!
Petroleum Group Paper (Dec. 7) - Data collected and analysed, no text yet
Petroleum Group Presentation (Nov. 29)- Done
Thesis - On temporary hold