Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What Angela and I did on a very rainy, disappointing Saturday. We were supposed to go to Dryden, to visit everyonoe and show Angela camp, but just outside of Thunder Bay the car started making scary shakes and squeaks, so we returned it and brought it to the dealership the next day ($175 to fix it - $50 for the part in the wheel assembly, $125!!!! for the one hour labour). Since it was pouring, and I mean pouring, out, Ang and I dyed some wool. The chunky candy floss coloured ball will be lovikka mittens (I may just eke out enough), the yarn is recycled from a Salvation Army sweater and hand-painted with kool-aid grape, ice blue lemonade, and solar strawberry starfruit. The watermelon ball is Briggs and Little Sport, carefully space-dyed in a 40 ft long skein to stripe like watermelon - using lemon-lime and solar strawberry starfruit koolaid, while leaving a small amount white (for the rind). I can't WAIT to start knitting it up, but first I have to finish my sockapal2za socks!

It's the return of Rogue! This is a picture of the side cabling - once again I've made a mistake cabling, I miscrossed a few stitches at the bottom left. That's OK though, it's not very noticeable so I'm leaving it right where it is. I really like this sweater, because the stockinette sections are nice and quick, but the cabling keeps you going and stops you from being bored. Plus, I have the most gorgeous yarn imagineable. The yarn really isn't this colour, it's a deep, deep purple. I don't know why it's so washed out, since this is a natural light photo. Oh well!

This is the pocket on Rogue, it turned out pretty well. I was desperately worried about picking up the stitches to knit across behind it, but it turned out OK. So far, so good!

This is lovely soft alpaca yarn Angela brought me, from a farm outside of Edmonton. It's a dark, dark chocolate-y brown, and I may make mittens for Sean out of it, although I don't know if I can let it go.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Rogue is Back

Ang is here, and we're having fun doing lots of knitting and torturing Kyp (the white and grey cat). She's knitting on a nice black sweater, and I've picked up Rogue again, in the same yarn. Ang convinced me that it was not, in fact, too small, and so I'm working on it again. I also want to make girl from auntie's new pattern, the zippered cardi. It looks so cute! If I can handle the cabling on Rogue, I'm sure I can handle it in the cardi.

The socks are at the heel turn, I haven't worked on them in a few days because I keep forgetting the pattern book in the car, and I'm scared to heel turn without it. They should be done on time though, hopefully. I have a few weeks left still.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I will be posting pictures here of the work I've done on TSS (The Second Sock). I'm up to the heel flap, which I couldn't work on yesterday because I needed the instructions. I have lots of time now though because...

I fainted at work yesterday. After a long few hours in the ER it was determined I'm suffering from "exhaustion". So I had to quit work at the Fort early (although Amanda is still wanting to rehire me next year) and take the week off Chapters as well. Perfect timing, if it had to happen, because Angela is here for the week (yay!). We're going to have a great time knitting and such.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sean is back, yay! With presents from Lush, and Disney World. I missed him an absolutely insane amount, and thankfully he missed me at least that much too.

Jenny, my friend from Winnipeg, is here too. Yay! We are doing much girly things and she's met Sean and very much likes him.

Finally, my parents got to meet Yarn Harlot and they're SOOOOO lucky. And I got mentioned on her blog. Oh my goodness I think I might go faint now, on the way to Kakabeka Falls.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Here's a very fuzzy picture of the scarf I'm making for Sean. It's k3p1 ribbing, which is actually working rather wonderfully with the boucle yarn. It looks elegant, and unboring. It about matches garter stitch in speed too, since garter stitch goes fast, but pulls together more.


Sean's scarfmark! It took quite a long time to make, despite the diminuitive size. It's made on size 2 (I think) needles, using crochet cotton. You can see it on my copy of HBP, proudly the Canadian version - Ancient Forest-Friendly paper!
These are the cutest sheets ever.

Friday, August 05, 2005

IT'S THE FIRST SOCKAPAL2ZA SOCK! Yay! It's looking good, I think. The gullwing pattern came out really nicely. I hope it fits my pal, she seems to have the same foot measurements as me, and it fits me perfectly. It also didn't do any silly pooling things, I think because the colour repeats are very short. I guess it's time to start the second!

The sock on my foot. For some reason, this angle makes my ankle look huge, but it isn't.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

OK, there hasn't been new posts for awhile because Tuesday and Wednesday I worked 12.5 hours, and my house is a WRECK and I'm exhausted. However I got to have a wonderful dinner with Iris and Dimitri and the kids, and we had pizza and saskatoon pie (freaky, because I'd been craving pizza all day and had no ingredients to make it myself, and no money to buy extra groceries - no worries Mom, I'm not starving at all, I just don't have pizza stuff).

Anyway, I'm trying to finish the first sock tonight while watching Fellowship of the Ring. Tomorrow I'm practicing piano, getting some shirts to work at Chapters (dress shirts or polos, must have collars, only blue or black, with no pattern whatsoever), and cleaning house.

Bed early tonight. Very VERY tired.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Well, today was better than yesterday. I got 80 on my last psych test, so I've got an 83 average so far, with 20% of my mark still to find out from the Critical Thinking Assignment. I finished my habitant dress at work so I got to wear a pretty new dress, and Sean called (yay! so good to talk to him!) and we sorted out the rent.

Of course, not everything is hunky-dory. The Italian Cultural Festival is still going on, and apparently no one there needs to sleep, and I have noise blasting in again. I guess it'll be another night with earplugs.