Friday, March 23, 2007

Ryan's questionnaire

Taken from Mossy Cottage Knits

Him: PC
Me: PC

Him: Campfire hotdogs
Me: Campfire hotdogs

Him: Home decorating—natural earth tones and neutral blues
Me: Home decorating—COLOURS. NO taupe/beige/etc.

Him: Pictures—framed, Archaeology themed
Me: Pictures—framed or tacked neatly, Monet

Him: Those English type horses
Me: Clydesdales

Him: Burmese Cat
Me: Silver Egyptian Mau or Calico

Him: Coffee - but I'm trying to cut back
Me: Tea

Him: Classical/Instrumental
Me: Classical/Instrumental

Him: Over-easy Eggs
Me: Over-easy Eggs, but only if I have toast or they're in a sandwich

Him: Coke
Me: Pepsi (if I drink cola)

Him: Driver
Me: Passenger

Him: X-Box System
Her: Nintendo System

Him: VERY spicy
Her: Much less spicy

Him: Dark Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Her: Happy Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Him: Horror fan
Her: Not so much

Him: Painter
Her: Knitter/Sewer

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