Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who pissed off the weather man?


Yesterday's air temp: 6C - windchill: -1C
Today's air temp: -14C - windchill: -27C

I just went from my blue spring coat back to my parka in one day. And of course now everything is ice because it was all water the day before.

I'm the teensiest bit cranky because I had to do the world's most boring anthropology assignment. A Social Analysis of Architecture, meaning analysing the floor plans of a Victorian mansion and a 1987 rancher, and what they mean in terms of social conventions, displays of affluence, etc. Guh.

I'm also cranky because although I still (heart) my massage therapist cause he's a really nice guy, I am SORE. I had a 45 min session today in an effort to keep fixing all those darned knots, and he spent the whole time on just a few spots on my shoulders where I have huge lumps the size of golfballs. It hurts so bad when he rubs them, like I'm being stabbed, but they did shrink some over the course of the session. I am about to go have a shower because moist heat is supposed to be the best for penetrating to deep muscle fibre, which is where these knots are located (and why they're so hard to get out).

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