Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'm so mad at myself - I've left things I need to study with at school, meaning I have to go to the University - a good hour long trip at least, not including the time I need to get my stuff. Sometimes I can be SUCH a moron! I have already studied for two of the three midterms I have on Monday and Tuesday (2 Monday, one Tuesday) but I need to review my stuff.

EDIT *#@$%!!!! I seem to have lost my notes on over 12 hours of required reading for the midterm I have tomorrow. I can't BELIEVE it! I am usually insanely organized with my school notes, I have no idea what's happened to me. I think I may have left them in Dryden at my parents house.

On Friday I went swimming in our building's newly repaired pool for the first time. Lots of good exercise, but my hair felt awful afterwards because I don't have a chlorine shampoo. I went to Shoppers to get some chlorine shampoo but they didn't have any at all (???) so I at least got some ENO to put in my hair as a rinse - I know that we used to use Alka-Seltzer to rinse our hair after swim practise when I was on the swim team, but I'm not sure if the ASA in the Alka-seltzer is what did it instead of the Sodium Citrate. Since ENO is just Sodium Citrate, I'm not sure if it'll work, especially since the internet seems to be telling me that ground-up aspirin (ASA) will work to remove chlorine from your hair...any other suggestions?

Yesterday when I went to look at bridesmaids dresses and fabric swatches, I browsed through the bridal gowns as well, and came across one that looked almost exactly like the designer dress I loved from a magazine. I tried it on (they had to pin me in as it was a size 16) and it looked lovely, and the price was right - $598! VERY cheap in terms of wedding dreses. I have to order it in the next 6 months to get it on time for the wedding, which is next summer.

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