Thursday, August 31, 2006

O is for...

Olivia! Here is my beautiful little cousin. After being diagnosed with CF this spring and beginning to receive treatment, she's rebounded in an astonishing way. She gained 6 lbs in about 6 weeks, which for a 4 year-old is an entire year's growth! She much more active and talkative now, constantly telling stories and making sure she gets a word in edgewise with her brother by putting up her hand when he's talking. I've finished her quilt, and I'm almost done her brother's. I'm hoping to have them done by thanksgiving.

N is for...

North. I love living in my land of ice and snow. Winter is pretty close to being my favourite season. I love to go sliding (tobogganing for most people, although it's only tobogganing if you're using a toboggan), and I love to make snow forts, snow men, and snow angels. I love to snowboard and cross-country ski, and go tubing on ski hills. I don't like skating that much, but as soon as they invent skates that keep your feet warm and don't squash your ankle bones I'll be all over it.

I'm proud to now live in the coldest city in the world. To quote an e-mail my Mom sent me a long time ago:

Canadian Temperature Chart

1. 50° Fahrenheit (10° C) Californians shiver uncontrollably,
Canadians plant gardens.

2. 35° Fahrenheit (1.6° C) Italian cars won't start, Canadians drive
with the windows down.

3. 32° Fahrenheit (0° C) American water freezes, Canadian water gets

4. 0° Fahrenheit (-17.9° C) New York City landlords finally turn on the
heat. Canadians have the last barbecue season.

5. -60° Fahrenheit (-51° C) Mt. St. Helens freezes, Canadians Girl
Guides sell cookies door-to-door.

6. -100° Fahrenheit (-73° C) Santa Claus abandons the North Pole, Ottawa
canal opens for skating.

7. -173° Fahrenheit (-114° C) Ethyl alcohol freezes, Canadians get
frustrated when they can't thaw the keg.

8. -460° Fahrenheit (-273° C) Absolute zero; all atomic motion stops,
Canadians start saying "cold eh?"

9. -500° Fahrenheit (-295° C) Hell freezes over. Leafs win Stanley Cup.

Long time no see

Well, we're finally moved. Took a few days, and a few setbacks (U-Haul screwing up, having an application rejected, etc.). But now we're here and starting to unpack. I've got things worked out at U of M mostly, (that's University of Manitoba, for anyone who isn't sure), and this semester I'm taking Structural Geology, Gemology, Introduction to Archaeology, Art History, and "Plagues and People", a class about how plagues and epidemics affect cultural growth. As you can see, I have lots of electives! I'm looking forward to them a lot, seeing as for the last 2-3 years or so I've done NOTHING but a single type of class every year.

I need to find a choir group or something still, but next week I'll go to the U during orientation and sign up for Swing Dance. I have a good reason for this...

Sean proposed! He got back from Egypt and asked me. Although he's given me a GORGEOUS and simple white gold ring, it might be going back because his Nana has a family heirloom ring instead.

At any rate, the swing dancing classes will ensure that we will look elegant and not like our usual bumbling selves at our eventual wedding. No date, but probably in about two years or so.

I had my lovely appointment with the GI doctor this month, and found out this morning that they decided to book a gastroscopy (camera through your mouth into the small intestine) THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. *sigh* Life is just soooooooo entertaining isn't it?

Getting back into some more knitting, I'd like a simple guy's sweater pattern for Sean. His Mom got some awesome wool from ladies down their street having a garage sale, and I think there might be enough (with some colourwork) of the icelandic wool to make him a sweater. Not sure though. I'm thinking maybe Durrow or something along those lines. I really like The Harlot's gansey though. Maybe something along those lines too.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hi all, I know I've been terrible for posting! Things have been busy, trying to get moving all worked out and everything. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I'm still alive...and....I've switched over to Geology! Yes I'm finishing my Geol at U of M, and that makes me MUCH happier than a BEd ever could have.

Hope summer is going well! Don't forget it will soon be gone.