Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Tomorrow night I fly out to see Sean, I finished more than half my lab assignment today (and we still have a period next week to work on it), I did very well on my Engineering Geology midterm, and I'm having Grilled Cheese and carrots for dinner.

Live is improving!

It's not even that life has been BAD, just stressful. And since Sean isn't here right now, it sometimes spills out into the blog. However, I did have fun on St. Patty's day at Sean's parents, where I brought sugar cookies his mom adored. She even put them away partway through the night so she could save some!

Wedding plans continue to abound, with my bridesmaids going out to try on some dresses now, and at least one groomsman excited about his role :) We don't have a location yet, but outside is the idea so far. We don't even have colours picked, because although I was big on Fuschia and Spring Green, we might not be able to get dresses in those colours. So we'll see. Pink would also be awesome with the embroidery in my dress, but a few other colours would be alright too.

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