Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sad feelings

For the first half of my shift at work today (Database entry for the University's Faculty CV program) I listened to my 2004UAMC disc. UAMC stands for University of Alberta Mixed Chorus, and it's a very large (up to 16o people!) choir I belonged to for the 3 years I went to U of A. I had a wonderful time in that choir, and it not only comprised my hobby, but most of my social life.

Then, I decided to leave U of A to be closer to home when my Dad was diagnosed with MS. Although I wouldn't go back and change that decision at all (after all, I'd never have met Sean!) but I do have three great regrets: I left two of my best friends in Edmonton, I left behind my original path to Geology...and I left behind my choir.

Listening to the music gave me a huge smile, and I could hadly keep from singing along and I know I was tapping my feet - especially to Gospel Mass! However, as soon as the song ended, I wound up in tears.

For me, singing in harmony with other people is an experience that gives me chills. The very first choir practice I went to left me tingling, and dazed all the way home. It is a powerful way to bond with people, and gives me such intense joy. As I said in this post music is essential to my life, and it's been missing now for almost 3 years. For 3 years I've had no choir and little to no piano access. I had a wonderfully singing class for my two years at Lakehead, but it couldn't compare to choir.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about this yet, but it needs a solution.

I can't keep crying at work every time I listen to my choir CD's :D

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Aimend said...

You know, I dragged out that CD a few weeks ago. I still remember a lot of the words (though I couldn't get the right pitch in Ave Maria-just like then) *Sigh* That was a great year.