Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Quick Post

Here's a quick post so that my readers don't think I've died :)

This weekend I had fun with my family, we celebrated my Grandpa's 80th birthday (Happy Birthday Grandpa!) and we made Ukranian Easter Eggs (pictures forthcoming). It's been pretty warm here, about 5C and we actually had rain today instead of snow. Woohoo!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Here is all the yarn I salvaged from the first Sally Ann sweater. It's such beautiful soft yarn. Any ideas as to what I should do with it? Remember it's a thick-thin yarn, so it's not plied or anything, and I don't think there's enough for another sweater.

This is a picture of the cloak fabric I talked about before (since Hello! posts pictures in a strange order sometimes) and you can see the texture of the fabric here, it's "zig-zag" instead of "spiraled", but nonetheless, it's still pretty cool, and the perfect shade of grey-green. It's soft and fuzzy on the right side two (since it's synthetic it's icky slippery on the wrong side).

What is this you ask? This, my friends, is the fabric I'd found last year (yes, last year) for my Fellowship cloak. As you can see, it's textured and see-through. Couldn't be more perfect.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

This slightly lopsided picture is of two sweaters I got at Salvation Army yesterday to recycle the yarn from. The light purple one is a thick-thin soft acrylic (not much fun to frog, since it's fuzzy and tangled itself to an extent - but completely made of good seams so the ENTIRE sweater is salvaged). The other is made of 100% wool, it feels like Lopi. Probably got some Lovikka mittens in the works here, or perhaps some felted bags or something. This one is much easier to frog, although I'm at a loss as to whether I should skein it in the stripes (since the person who knit it tied their colours together) or by colour. I think I'll go by colour.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Here's some Old Shale lace that was going to become Tellie's scarf (see below) but I decided to make the hug (umm - see below again) instead. This is quite pretty though, in Wool-Ease Lamb's Pride. Maybe I'll finish it sometime!

Tellie's Scarf

This picture is really dark, I know. But it's the only way I could get the detail of the heart to pop out. This is a scarf for my singing teacher, Tellie ("TUH-lee" she's Finnish). She's been so helpful and patient with ill lil' me. It's about 1/2 done right now, I'm going to pick up and purl the stitches around the keyhole I think, to neaten it up. I'm also going to make the scarf a little narrower on the other end where it will go through the keyhole. It will, of course be finished with a heart. I'll post the pattern once I have an FTP program. I'm also going to post my dying/spinning info as a separate page along with a gallery.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Look! They're sockapalooza socks! Thanks Lindsay! My socks are going out tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Books I got from the library, very exciting. After a review I'm going to have to buy "Folk Mittens" because I want every single mitten!

Koolaid Thrummed Mittens

Finished thrum mitten. Just need to do the other! Cute, huh?

*Edited much later to add: I finished the other mitten in fall 2006 and gave them to Becky*

See this absolutely adorable hat? I made it for my cousin Olivia (it may be too small, although it DOES fit on my head, it just doesn't even come down to my ears. If it were longer it would though.) It's really simple, I'll write out the pattern since it's just a basic flat-tassle hat.

Pigtail Hat

Here's the hat laid out flat on a Monet placemat. It looks like it has pigtails!

Friday, March 11, 2005

More! More I say!

Why do I keep posting these? Partially because this is a blog of "me", not just my knitting and other things. Not in a selfish sort of manner ("it's all about me!") but because I like to find things out about myself. Although some of this is complete bunk, I'm startled by how accurate some of it is.

Karlie, you are Balanced-brained

That means you are able to draw on the strengths of both the right and left hemispheres of your brain, depending upon a given situation.

When you need to explain a complicated process to someone, or plan a detailed vacation, the left hemisphere of your brain, which is responsible for your ability to solve problems logically, might kick in. But if you were critiquing an art opening or coming up with an original way to file papers, the right side of your brain, which is responsible for noticing subtle details in things, might take over.

While many people have clearly dominant left- or right-brained tendencies, you are able to draw on skills from both hemispheres of your brain. This rare combination makes you a very creative and flexible thinker.

The down side to being balanced-brained is that you may sometimes feel paralyzed by indecision when the two hemispheres of your brain are competing to solve a problem in their own unique ways.

I say, amen to that.

One one more...

Score again for me! These are all from by the way, this is the brainteaser test.

Karlie, you answered 28 out of 30 questions correctly!

Congratulations! Your score is in the 99th percentile. This means that if one hundred people took the test with you, your score would rank higher than 98 of them on average.

When we analyzed your test, we also discovered that when it comes to linguistic-mathematical ability, you measure in the 100th percentile. This score indicates you have unusually strong abilities when it comes to understanding numerical representation in words or "word problems." You're highly proficient at translating words into numbers. This can be very useful when solving a problem in real life. When people are discussing a vague problem that needs a specific solution, you're able to cut through the extraneous information to a clear answer.

One more...

This one boosted my confidence very much :)

Karlie, you're Smart 'n' Sexy

Your intellect puts you in a class above the rest, and it creates a sexual aura that's untouchable by people who possess nothing more than a pretty face. You have people and intellectual smarts and are able to juggle them accordingly. Your sense of the world at large and your world around you draws people to your mind, and what a beautiful mind it is.

Whether you look the part in horn-rimmed glasses and a finely pressed suit or dress simply in a T-shirt and jeans, your style really takes off when you flaunt your intellectual prowess. You're probably happier volunteering for a good cause, like tutoring kids, than spending all night partying with friends — well, at least some of the time. You've read the classics, or at least know what they are, and get the greatest rush when you can fully connect with people — both mind and body. While you may have the looks as well, it's your brains that turn up the heat wherever you go.

BAM! Now that's what I call a pick-me-up! (Um, in the raise-my-self-confidence meaning...)

What's your flavour?

Mmm ... blueberry! Tangy and sweet, you're as fresh as a mountain sunrise and as natural as homemade jam. If you were a Broadway musical, you'd be The Sound of music — we can just picture you twirling for joy in an Alpine meadow. Best with breakfast cereal and pancakes, you're simple and refreshing, with just a touch of tartness to give you an edge. Always a favorite, people can't get enough of your spontaneous nature and easy-going approach to life. Who wouldn't be attracted to your sporty, summery flavor? Fun-loving and genuine, you're a truly tasty treat.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

*Sigh* Yes. I cast on another project. Sue me. This is a thrummed mitten (on my Monet placemat). I love the colour of the thrums. I was having trouble with the thickness of the thrums, they were WAY too wide but I think I've got it now. The wool is white Wool-Ease from Lion's Brand, and the thrums are dyed with Kool-Aid, the roving from Egli's Sheep Farm.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another view of the saber.

There's a weird reflection going on, but here's my lightsaber for my Mara Jade costume. I'm going to the opening of Star Wars this May in costume. It's some brass tacks, a sink pipe, some O-rings, screws, and the vacuum feeder from my Dad's old office equipment (he was a dentist).

Spinning 101 - Karlie Style

Below my left hand you can see yarn I've already spun. You can think of this as your leader yarn as well, if you've just started with the beginning of the roving twisted onto your leader. You can see the roving going over the back of my hand and dropping to the floor. The spindle right now is parked between my knees. ALWAYS PARK YOUR SPINDLE!

Above the left hand is loose roving. You never want your twist to travel above your left hand, because you'll get big thick sections in your yarn.

Just after spinning some fibre. You bring the right hand up to the left, to hold the twist. During this time the spindle is caught between your knees so it won't untwist.

Drafting the fibre. The right hand draws some fibre down through the left, making sure you don't have large clumps and they're evenly drawn. Then release the right hand and get ready to...

Spinning the wool. My left hand is holding the top of the draft, and the right is spinning the spindle clockwise. Give it a good spin, then catch the spindle between your knees so that it doesn't untwist counter-clockwise.

Winding the finished wool onto the spindle at the base. Then you just hook it back through the top again and keep going!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Monsters, both real and knitted (and cute!)

This here is my sister's hamster, Frodo. Why do I have a picture of him? Well first, he's pretty darned cute. Look at those little paws! He's also very well hand-trained and cuddly. Honest!

The second reason is that he's also darned smart. Tonight I was sitting here plugging in my laptop, and Becky gives this little gasp. There, on the carpet beside the computer stand, is Frodo. He's apparently figured out how to get in and out of his cage. Not only did he get out, he also found her little open bag of yoghurt treats, and we discovered a stockpile of them in his "secret" cage corner. He must have spent at least 10 minutes going back and forth between his open cage door and the bag, dragging them in a few at a time.

Monster Slippers

Look, they're felted monster slippers! They came out a little strange, I think because I used a different kind of wool. I ended up with WAY too many stitches along the sides and back of the heel, so the raised edge ripples instead of making a nice lip. Oh well.

Here's the slippers with my foot for comparison. Don't you love the socks? I do. Bright blue and green argyle knee highs. Score! Actually, it's because I don't wear longjohns unless I have to, since I have a very short rise. This means that the longjohns come up to my ribs and show above my jeans. Hence I wear knee-highs for warmth, unless it's below -30. Then I wear longjohns. I'm only so brave.

Shout out from Dryden

Hello out there! I haven't posted in a bit because I'm at home for my sister's birthday, she's turning 15 tomorrow. Any way, to answer a few questions.

*sigh* Andrea I'm trying so hard not to give up on that sweater :) The problem is that a) it's going to be too long for me (I have a very short torso) and b) there's mistakes. So I've put it aside for now, in hopes that I'll either eventually be seized to finish it, or be brave enough to rip it out and start over! Rogue will occur in the meantime.

And I promised that I'd put up instructions for making a drop spindle. Here they are!

For a bottom-whorl (easiest to learn on):

1 wooden car wheel, 2" to 3" in diametre
1 dowel that will fit snugly into axle-hole of wheel - 9" to 12" in length
1 small cup hook

Simply put the dowel through the wheel, it should fit tight enough you won't need glue. Have the wheel about 2-3" from the bottom of the dowel. At the top of the dowel, screw your cup hook into the centre. For really awesome instructions on how to spin using a drop-spindle, check out Joy of Handspinning. They have videos and everything!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

WIP Documentation

Here's all my current works in progress, some more likely than others.

Here's my Heather Aran sweater. You can see a few mistakes in the cables, particularly on the left (bottom on picture) cable. I'm discouraged with this sweater because I think it's going to turn out really long, so I haven't worked on it since December.

Hatmione take two - unfortunately, this one is too small. I'm still waiting for Lauren to give me a hand in changing the pattern size. My problem is that if I go straight by the instructions it's way too long and sits about 3" above the top of my head.

This is my afghan - also known as my second project, and the endless afghan. I don't know if it'll ever be finished. I get bored with it because the pattern is so repetitive. The bottom stripe is actually purple, not blue.

This is my third spinning, you can see how fine and consistent this yarn is (woohoo!). I'm not sure what to do with it yet, but it makes me happy that I'm getting good at spinning. I still have my favourite roving left to spin (out of the ones I dyed on Reading Week).

This is the very start of Rogue, but the colour is not even remotely accurate *sigh*. I tried to take it in different lights but it didn't work.

Calf-laced Slippers

This is my first knitting project ever. They are lace-up slippers, that are knit as a flat rectangle, then gathered at the bottom end.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Here's the hat I finished tonight. It's pretty cute but it looks decidedly phallic on me, so it'll be going to my cousins since I still really like it. It's made of Patons Classic Merino (the navy) and Cascade 220 (the red). The pattern is from Alison under free patterns, and it's the "Knitting Class in a hat". I think if I were to make it for me I'd need to use bigger needles, this one is a little sort and tight.

"Paramedic" Hat

Here's the hat, being displayed by my bear, Anne. She's from the Build-A-Bear Workshop, and she's named after the middle name of one of my best friends, Elizabeth. We made bears on the same day at West Ed.

Just to show Anne with her little face showing. I love this bear!

This is my second spinning of yarn, you can see the beautiful colour variation that's goin' on. You can see I'm getting a little more accomplished at spinning, this roving is at least somewhat more consistent and considerably finer than my first attempt! I'm not sure what to do with it yet. I might buy and dye some more rovings. I've got very little yarn there, probably not even enough for one mitten. Any ideas?