Saturday, September 15, 2007


How awesome is it that I got my invite to Beta-test Ravelry on my birthday yesterday! I've spent all morning putting projects in my queue, and inputting my needles and books. This is a godsend for knitters, I tell ya. I already adore it. I Wow. That's all I can say. I can't wait to put my stash into it!

My birthday yesterday was good, I got cards from my grandparents, and got my hair trimmed and coloured (it was extremely overbleached from the sun this summer, so I had her lowlight it back to basically my natural colour. I do really like it, although I wish my hair was more golden blonde in colour and less ashy. Oh well.

Tonight we go to Sean's parents for dinner, and tomorrow I'm going to work a lot more on unpacking this place and making it neat, so that we can start doing things like playing board games :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can't think of good titles anymore

Haven't posted in awhile. This is because of

a) looking for/applying for apartments (we got one)
b) unexpected emergency rooms trips for stomach problems (better now)
c) moving into above apartment
d) moving out of old apartmnet
e) dental surgery
f) school starting

As evidenced by these facts I have not really knit OR sewed for awhile, except for fixing Sean's "There be pirates" hat so the brim no longer flares. It's my B-day on Friday, and I'm excited to hopefully get some fun stuff and also have a little fun too!

I also officially became a Manitoban today. I got my Manitoba license yesterday, and this afternoon I also got my Manitoba Health insurance. Good thing, because I'm about to start with a Clinical Health support group for IBS. They're teaching us relaxation and coping techniques, in order to help decrease our symptoms. Sounds like a plan I'm down with, especially given that (a) happened above. It'll be a long bus ride back every Wednesday due to the construction, but that gives me time for Christmas knitting.

I also ran into a high school friend today, Melanie, who's doing her 2nd year of Medicine. That's awesome! We chatted about old friends, who's doing what, etc.

Finally, walking back from the bus stop I wandered into the gourmet chocolate shop (CoCoPod) to see what it was like. I waited patiently while a slighly yuppie type picked out the most exquisite chocolate pieces for an exclusive soiree she was giving (I kid you not). When she left, I asked how much the truffles were. They were $2.50 a piece, and I only had two loonies and a quarter. I said "hang on!" and started to dig for my wallet in my backpack, but the super-nice people in the shop (counter guy, girl about to start work there, and the owner) gave me a quarter so I could have a divine mint truffle :)

Nice day!