Thursday, April 20, 2006

One sleeve to go...

I finished one sleeve of Rogue...just less than another sleeve to go (since I stopped knitting two at the same time at row 8). I'm really tempted to pull an all nighter and finish the sleeves, since today I wrote the last part of my Speculative Fiction exam, and finished my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees (well, potential BSc. The university keeps saying it will give it to me, then it won't, then it will, then it won't...)

There will be a finished sweater around here very soon! I'm so excited. And luckily it's still quite chilly around here. My Mrs. Beeton's have gotten lots of use.

I'm even more excited because Sean has pledged next week, and more importantly next weekend to me. Between writing his thesis and final paper, and trying to keep visiting a few friends before they leave forever, he hasn't been home a lot. Conversely, between lack of school and lack of work I've been trapped within these 4 walls for wayyyyyy to long. I do go out every day for a quick walk or something but I'm still all by my lonesome a lot. I've made a real effort to make friends here, but unfortunatly Thunder Bay is not a very friendly place amongst the student set. It's very clique-y like high school and difficult to break in to a group of friends. I made a few class friends, and I'm planning on asking one of them to go see a movie next week - although she's getting married this summer so she'll be busy!

I'm really looking forward to us moving to a new place, where I'll be starting anew either at a job or in education. Since everyone there will be starting fresh it'll be easier to make friends - plus there's student groups and such I can join that weren't available here. The biggest problem here is that a great deal of the students were born and raised here (not a lot of non-local or international students), and they already have groups of friends from high school. It's ironic that except for one girl, all the class friends I did make were not from Thunder Bay. Try as I might, I couldn't break into the TBay sets. Some of them were friendly (a great deal weren't, I think in part due to cultural differences *ahemItalianmafiaahem*) though.


Anonymous said...

I have moved enough to be disappointed in the unfriendliness of 'locals'. It has been a lesson for me. I always try to be extra nice to the new 'kid'. Hope you find a friendlier place.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know what you mean... I experienced the same thing at Uni.

I'd like to ask you something: Would you like to receive your SockapalOOOza Socks on time at the start of May, or would you like your socks plus a surprise, but a little bit later in May (June is very unlikely)? Let me know!

Your Sockpal

Anonymous said...

Hi Karly....makes me sad that people weren't more friendly. It's sure what I found here! Maybe it is something to do with isolated communities. Dunno. All I know is I was so lonely when we moved here.
Hey I am so excited about the gorgeous sweater!

Anonymous said...

maybe if you weren't such a whingy hypochondriac?