Monday, April 03, 2006

Classes are DONE

Bad Blogger! I've missed some letters for the ABC-along, mostly because on this new computer (did I mention that my old computer died completely, so I had to get a new one?) I don't have any of my pictures loaded. I also haven't been knitting much, as noted, because of the papers. However...

I've finished all but one! I have the one paper left, it's just under half written, and it's due Friday, so no sweat. I have been knitting, on my own STR Jaywalker socks, my sockapaloooza socks (they've been frogged soooooo many times because I keep changing the pattern), a pair of felted clogs for me, and a hat out of yarn that I dyed with my co-workers at the Fort on our last day of Spring work. I will have pictures I promise!

I had my voice exam yesterday, and my first two songs didn't go very well, mostly because with my allergies I'm very froggy on my high notes. They get this weird buzzing sound when I hit them, almost like static, from all the (sorry) gunk in my throat. However, my aria was AMAZING if I do say so myself (Deh vieni non tardar), and the duets went pretty well as well.

I have to go off to class now - my last two of my Bachelor's degree! To quote Maid Marion in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" - "Aihm sew happeh!"

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