Monday, April 17, 2006

Look in the air! They're FO's!

I finished knitting my sockapaloooza socks (they haven't got the duplicate stitch done though, since I need Sean to graph a picture for me first) AND I finished my Mrs. Beeton wrist warmers! They're just so cute, and I'll include a picture very soon. Of course, there is a picture of one of them finished, so I'll include that as a link. It took me so long to finish them because I didn't have a large eye needle to thread the seed beads on the first time, and it took hours to get them on. However, I found some floss threaders from Sean's braces days and they worked like a charm! Specs will be following with the picture as well.

Now I'm going to work on my Rogue sweater and finish it. Once this one is finished, I won't feel guilty buying the yarn to knit version 2. Which colour would you recommend from KnitPicks Wool of the Andes? I like Cherry Blossom, Hyacinth, Stream, Blueberry, and Spruce. Keep in mind I'm a fairly pale, clear-skinned (as in transparency) medium-light blonde who looks best in summer and winter colour. I also have medium golden brown eyes. Hee hee. I sometimes have trouble differentiating between colours that I like and ones that would look good on me, so I'd be glad for some advice.


Anonymous said...

One of the blues, hyacinth, bluebonnet or midnight. They are dark enough to be considered a neutral, would coordinate with most of your wardrobe and look smashing on blondes.

Where are your T-4's??????


Aimend said...

I agree, ones of the blues. My vote's for hyacinth in particular.

Hee hee, floss threaders! What a marvelous idea for the beads, I know I've still got a couple packs hanging around too.