Tuesday, April 11, 2006

G is for...

Gryffindor. I have made MANY Gryffindor things, including a full Gryffindor costume (POA style), as well as two Gryffindor scarves (one PS/COS and one POA), and two Hermione hats. I love HP!

I also love to wear costumes, and by making knitted items from movies it means I can wear a part of them whenever I want! There's also the advantage of finding random fellow fans as well. Other knitting projects from movies I want to make:

Pippin's Scarf

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe:
Susan's Hide and Seek Sweater
Lucy's Lamppost Sweater

Goblet of Fire:
Hogwarts Scarf (in background)
Ginny's Sweater

That's a lot of stuff, but some of it I'm going to leave for awhile. Lucy's sweater, for instance, would be made for a little girl and not for me. I suppose it could go in a "Hope Chest" though.


Sam said...

I love this idea..
This is a good way to show our "movie love" !

Anonymous said...

Hi Karlie,
it was so funny Alison used your blogsite when she posted my info for the sockpalooza on the 28th of march... to funny .. maybe she knew that i need to see your G scarf and get motivated and maybe even get advice from you on creating my own blog finally?! hee..hee.. drop me a line
Karola in the Heart of Harlem