Saturday, April 08, 2006

A haul from Value Village yesterday. The top two bags (from the left) are sock yarn, scheejpswol (I know I spelled that wrong) and Regia, both 75% wool, 25% polyamide. The colours are just beautiful, and there's 4 skeins of the green, 9 of the pink. That's a lot of pairs of socks, since I make most of mine just above ankle length and can get a pair out of each ball. The next bag is also 100% wool, a very retro variety from Mary Maxim. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I think I'll make a felted bag.

Moving clockwise we have a bag of cute granny squares that's going to become another bag. I have a hard time passing up these kinds of things because I know how much work (and usually love) is put into them. The abandoned squares in particular are kind of sad, because it's very likely that they're there because an older lady either passed away, had to move out of her home, or had to give up for health reasons. It's particularly likely when you get ahold of really old or retro yarn and needles. So I feel that I "rescued" these squares, and they're in cute pinks and purples (minus two which have orange for some reason) so I like them anyway. Besides, they were .99!

The cook book is a version older than my Mom's Betty Crocker Red Book, and it has some great recipes in it, although some of them are old fashioned with VERY antiquated ideas about "appropriate" food for men and women. From the appetizers section:

"California Onion Slim-Dip: An easy, lower-calorie version of the all-time favourite. Whip up a batch for the ladies with skim milk and let the men indulge themselves in the sour cream version"

From the cakes section:

"Make somebody happy today - bake a cake! A chocolate cake for the man in your life. Or a white cake with peppermint frosting for "the girls" coming for bridge"

Ah yes, the ideals of 1969.

The last object is a Calvin Klein 100% wool sweater that has perfect seams - and won't rip. For some reason, I've been trying to rip the ribbing and it just won't frog. Every 3rd stitch won't unravel because the yarn is wrapped through and around it. When I tried to frog it from both the other side and from the top, the same thing happened. Any ideas? I was going to dye it and used it to make my Rogue sweater. It's not worth the trouble it would take to rip it in the current manner though. If you need a picture to understand what the heck I mean, just ask and I'll post it :)


Aimend said...

My mom has that cookbook, but rarely used it. I never noticed the men's and ladies' comments, but always found it weird when a recipe specifically called for MSG. Good luck with the frogging, I have no help beyond well-wishes.

thanks for the card!

Anonymous said...

It's only the ribbing that is like that, it is to keep it from stretching too much I think, my suggestions is to cut it off and rip back from there.