Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Catching up on ABC-along

F is for...

Family. This is my family, at my cousin Heather's wedding last summer. I'm down in the left hand corner in the yellow dress. It was certainly a gorgeous setting for wedding photos, that's for sure! This is all my Mom's side of the family, we don't see Dad's side quite as often (except for my Grandma!) because although my cousins live here in TBay with me only one is at the U and he's not in any of my classes or even in my program, and my Uncle moved down to Southern Ontario. I don't have a picture of my other Grandma on this new computer, but I do on Sean's laptop from the old comp so I'll try to remember to post one.

G will be forthcoming, hopefully tomorrow, because I need to get pictures off of Sean's laptop. I'll give you a hint though, it's something I've knit and it's from a book (and a movie).

Now some pictures of my startitis. Yes, I am severly afflicted. I think this is largely because of having so much schoolwork to do that I haven't had much time to knit, so I keep starting new things and leaving old ones. If my sock recipient is out there she'll be happy to know that I've finished one sock and am almost finished the guesset of the second.

Sockapaloooza starts off. It's just a basic red sock with the pink duplicate stitched on. I'm not going to reveal what's going on the other sock yet, but I hope my sockpal likes them!

This is yarn I dyed on my last day of spring work at the Fort. Susan, Kristy and I all made hand painted yarn, and mine is being turned into this:

Of course, now that spring is upon us I don't really need a hat anymore (now the snow gods will smite me and send 2 metres in a matter of hours). Oh well, it'll be ready for fall and for camping this spring!

Finally, we have socks being made from my prize yarn and the pattern is the ubiquitous Jaywalker by Grumperina. I'm knitting them on 2mm needles, and it seems to be just the right size for me since I have very narrow ankles and feet.

Don't forget I'm still knitting on Rogue, I have a pair of felted slippers on the go, and I haven't made the second mitten for my Scandi mitts.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice knitting, I bought sock yarn, you have inspired me.