Sunday, April 24, 2005

Yeah, I lied.

OK, I am knitting again. But crankily. I'm knitting DBF a geek wrister from Stitch n' Bitch, in Red Heart Cotton Twist (I loathe the fact that my only decent yarn store is WalMart. C'mon people, really! Does anyone have any good online Canadian stores, that won't charge me an arm and a leg for shipping?) in Navy for the background and Red for the lettering. Should be interesting since I don't know how to Intarsia yet.

I also found a really great jacket for my Mara costume, now all I need are pants. DBF super dislikes the yoga pants I'd intended on using (although I don't like them either), and doesn't think that my other black khakis (style, not colour) are quite "right". So we're still on the hunt for those.

I have a Master Class in voice today, just to see what the vocal coach is like. I'm not actually participating, instead I have a private one hour lesson with her on Tuesday. I'm in trouble, because it's $85 and I can hardly afford groceries right now. HOWEVER, I was at my Aunt and Uncle's yesterday, and she has a friend who works at Fort William Historical Park (where I want to work, and had a great interview). She said even though I hadn't heard from them for 2.5 weeks, there's still a good chance I have the job there, the company is just "like that". So I'm a little less disheartened.


Dandy said...

I hear you about no yarn shops, I'm in rural sask and the closest yarn store is in the city, Walmart and Zellers... oh yippee!??!

here's where I bought some yarn from online:
( decent prices and doesn't charge you a arm and leg for shipping.. it's in the states and doesn't take forever to get up here either)
( altho I've never bought yarn from here, it looks ok too... I check out their bargins page ;~)

hope this helps you...

Karlie said...

Hey thanks, I'll take a look at those! I'm yarn dieting right now because I don't have any money, but hopefully once I get a job this summer I'll be able to afford some! I really like the "Colour-your-own Sock Wool" from knitpicks. Gonna buy some of that for sure!