Thursday, April 28, 2005

Knitting Needles

I was browsing on ebay awhile back and ran into an auction for 25 knitting needles, so for $5 (with shipping) I got 25 needles, meaning that all but three made a set. Most are sizes I didn't have, although a few are doubles (no problems there, since they're 7's and 8's, which are common sizes anyway).

They're also mostly in really pretty colours in aluminum. Fun!

I also had fun painting some of DBF's WarHammer 40K models last night. Although I'm not interested in the game, I may start painting models as well - especially since they now have a Lord of the Rings model game, so I can paint the Fellowship, Arwen...oh it's gonna be fun. Of course, this is once I find a job somewhere, since I have no money. None.

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