Thursday, April 28, 2005

Package of Yarny Goodness

Yay! Angela got this package today, so I can post a picture of it! I sent it to her for her birthday, she's a best friend from when I lived in Edmonton, and she's a great knitter. There's hand-dyed roving from Egli's Sheep Farm in there, as well as some handspun wrapped around the TP roll to embellish the cuff with (did I mention that Ang? That's what it's for, unless you have another idea :) The yarn is very soft black acrylic. I also included a CD with instructions for the mittens, pictures, and MP3's of the Harry Potter audio books to knit to. It's ironic because Angela never wears pink, so I knew this was the perfect way to ease her into it ;)

Oh btw, there's also homemade stitch markers in it, made from beautiful blue glass beads.

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