Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring has sprung...

Yay for spring weather! It's absolutely beautiful here, the temp was 12C today! I also had my singing final and I think it went OK (although I did screw up my first song. I was trying to calm down because I was so nervous, went on autopilot, and got lost). So stressful! Essentially, it was my final exam in the class, singing four songs in a concert with four other vocalists (also doing their finals) in front of a jury. You don't get to complain about finals unless you've done that my friend! (Unless, of course, you're like Allan and you end up with 5 exams in 3 consecutive days, with two of them conflicting. Then you really earn B*@#&ing rights)

Hi Brenda! Yeah, I've heard of Hearst, I believe I've driven through there before! I live a ways West of there, almost 7 hours away. I was about 18 when I actually learned to knit properly, and continued on my own. My Grandmas tried to teach me every so often starting when I was about 7 or so, but it didn't really "stick", because my one Grandma knits left-handed continental, so I got confused (since the other Grandma knits right-handed English).

And hey E :D I promise a long letter forthcoming, once tomorrow is over (last day of classes). I may still make it out to Edmonton this summer, although chances are starting to look really slim. Maybe you could come and stay at my camp... ;)

Linz, I promise. We used to make the simple eggs too (I'll post a picture in a day or two of me as a 4 year old dumping eggs in a single colour). This year my Aunty Brenda brought her Ukrainian Egg stuff with her (you just need the wax tool, beeswax, dye, and a candle) so we got to do those. I'd done them once before, when I went up to Yellowknife to visis on Spring Break as a kid (visiting Brenda, Heather, and Donna). These were so much fun though! If you'd like to try, you can get the tools at Michaels stores.

In knitting knews (ha ha) I finished the first repeat of the alien illusion scarf. You can see that below, along with all my very nice plants and decorated plant pots (yay!).

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Anonymous said...

It might be time to move onto your fancier eggs... maybe next year. I think you have inspired me!

I'm a singer too. I actually am going to be doing my master's in voice performance/pedagogy at pennstate starting in the fall. So I completely understand about exams, juries, recitals and auditions. No academic person who complains about written exams will EVER understand!