Friday, April 29, 2005

Thanks and Fixes

Hey, thanks Rebecca (that's my sister's name!) and Linz for the excitement about the job ;D I'm excited too! Hopefully it should be fun.

Also, those eyeglasses links don't work for Linz for some reason :( Which probably means they're not working for other people too. I can see them though, I wonder if it's because I use FireFox? At any rate, they're these eyeglasses:

Buying:, Union Bay UB 320 frames but in Mint Blue

Have now: (same site) Jill Stuart JS 116 but in Mauve

DBF's Dad and Brother are coming up today from Winnipeg to help us move him into his new apartment, so that should be fun. Tomorrow we'll get a U-Haul to move it all, and my parents will also be up for an MS conference so they'll be able to meet them too.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice =)
I'm using firefox too, so that's weird... ah well.