Saturday, April 02, 2005

Here's Becky and Donna melting was off their pysanky. My sister is a cheerleader, as some of you may already know. Note the biceps on that chick. Sheesh. She can lift me almost easier than I can lift her! She's also a good 5 inches shorter than me (4' 11", maybe), but only weighs 10 lbs less because she is just solid muscle. She's a flyer so she needs all those mus-kles to stay rigid in her lifts (yes Becky, I know that's not the right term. I don't know what the real name is!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Karlie,I noticed your comment on Brainlady's blog about living in Northern ONtario. That intrigued me, as my son and daughter in law and grandkids live in Hearst. HAve you heard of it> It is about 2 hours west of Cochrane. Anyway, I went to your blog and think it is great. My neice wants to learn to knit. SHe is 8 and I am teaching her the garter stitch at the moment. How old were you when you learned to knit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kar,

you look like you're having lots of fun here. I miss you... you should send me a looooooong email update. While waiting for it, I will try and make some interesting things happen in my life, so I can write back. :)