Saturday, April 16, 2005

Video Games

I'm not really what you'd call a video gamer. I've never had any gaming system, and we didn't get a computer until I was at least 10 (I think. Do you remember Mom?). However, we had computers at school, and we did in fact have an old BETA video of me and my French Immersion Kindergateren class with a Commodore 64 and a game that involved a ladybug which played the song "La Cucaracha". At any rate, as I sit here late at night (score for no school OR work for 2 weeks!) here's my favourite video games.

This was a great educational game where you zapped walking evil computers and defeated them by answering math questions. Part of the Super Solvers series.

Operation Neptune
Another math game by the same company who created the Super Solvers series (and Reader Rabbit). This was more advanced math, and you used a submarine and navigated underwater mazes.

Cross-Country Canada
A really simple game, one of the ones where you had a "video" on top, and you didn't use controllers, instead you typed your commands in. You played a truck driver picking up and dropping off Canadian items all over the country.

Commander Keen 4: Keen Dreams
I loved this game. I loved it even more when I found out the cheat code for all the crystals and infinite lives (BAT I think? Maybe BAT4?) I still have it on my computer.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Original (at least, I think) version. This was one of the first games I ever played on our home computer. I kept each city's 3 hints, along with the new city they revealed, in a notebook. I also used a 1979 Almanac for hints. I got so good at it it wasn't fun anymore, because there's only so many locations she can go - this means that since I knew every hint for every city there was no chase anymore.

All the Myst games are awesome, with my favourite being Exile. This is because this was the first which allowed a basically 360 degree view from wherever you stood, and the worlds were beautiful. One hint is to make sure you actually change your monitor brightness/contrast the way they tell you too - otherwise you might miss pathways and have to look up a walkthrough on the internet.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron
I loved this game too. The only thing I hate are those stupid Speeders. Slow as molasses and with the most ridiculous turning radius I've ever seen on something that can FLY for God's sake. I love how the least manoeverable (sp?) vehicle is the one you have to use to take down those gosh darned AT-AT walkers. Yes, I used a cheat guide so I didn't have to play the whole level to get to the darned walkers every time, but once I finally got good at it I took it back off to complete the level properly.

Sim Tower
The problem with this game is the bug, where after a certain number of days or stores/offices built all of a sudden conditions plummet and everyone moves out. There is a cheat code you can use which instantly lowers all the rents to the lowest amount, so people will move back in but I never got it. I did it all by hand. Actually, I've never finished this game. I got to the second-highest tower level, but never got to build the cathedral.

I also loved SimCity, and for some reason I can't get SimCity 2000 to work on my computer.

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