Sunday, May 01, 2005

All moved

Well, DBF is finally all moved in, SO glad that's done! It gave me a chance to get to know some of his friends (very funny, all of them. I'm looking forward to doing more things with them, bowling and mini-golf and such) as well as his Dad and brother, who are also very funny. His brother is really good at video games, in particular Mario Sunshine, a game I suck at royally.

Next week we'll probably go back to Dryden, Tuesday to Friday. Friday night we're babysitting my cousins, but they'll already be in bed so we'll just be sitting there watching a movie. Aunty Iris wants someone there that they know, in case they wake up.

In knitting news we went to Value Village on Friday and I picked up three more wool sweaters. I love how I pay 3 or 4 dollars for at least 50 dollars, if not more, worth of wool. I have plans to buy some colour-your-own sock wool from knitpicks, that I'm going to dye self-striping in pink, green, and white with black dots in the pink stripes. Watermelon socks! Yay!

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