Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sunset disaster

It's the well known rule. If you blog about how well something is going, it turns out like crap. Well, the sunset top is a fine example of this principle. I checked the measurements and mathematics. 3 times. I measured as I knit.

I mattress stitched one side's at least 3 sizes too big. WTF? Makes me SO ANGRY! See if I knit anything again.



Anonymous said...

That an idle threat and you (and your yarn stash) know it :) I feel your pain though. I'm midway through sewing a pair of capris (as a trial before I try the pants with *nice* fabric) and it seems my hips somehow grew about 5 cm in a few days. I second that "Humph".

Karlie said...

Yeah, yeah. You're right :) I just bought some really pretty purple polyester (wow, nice alliteration) fabric to make a sundress. I think I'll just push my knitting to the side for a few days, and do other stuff for now. Maybe I'll get back to it in a bit!

PS The package hasn't gone yet, because I haven't been able to get to the post office. It's sitting there, ready to go! Hopefully tomorrow :S