Saturday, April 16, 2005

Quilt Picture

Here's a picture of me with the quilt I made the summer before last. I call it my Monet quilt, because the colours are pulled from Monet's Nympheas paintings. It was fairly quick, for a quilt, because it was strip-pieced, as well as machine-quilted (because I don't have a frame for hand quilting). I'm in the middle of quilting a lap quilt for my Dad made of cotton plaids, and next I want to make an Amish-style quilt using batiks. I also have a bunch of jeans to make a denim picnic quilt, with brightly coloured flannel in pink, green, blue, and yellow with bugs on them for the top of the picnic quilt.


Dandy said...

Love your quilt.. it's in my fav color!! ;~) I've always wanted to make a jean quilt, and am saving jeans as I type..

Anonymous said...

I started quilting at the age of 60and I love it. Am so glad that you are loving it, too. Nice to see young people taking up these amazing women's crafts. There aren't too many of you and we women have such a strong tradition of creating beautiful and practical things. Way to go. Am trying to find sizes for a quilt I'm doing for my kids to take on their picnics. It's made out of old jeans and is in the sawtooth star design. Good luck in your studies, too!