Thursday, June 16, 2005

You'll never be bored, Sean...


I feel I have a kindred spirit in Lauren. She and I get ill constantly, and are notoriously klutzy.

Yesterday, we were rushing. A 70-person group needed costuming. I was coming back from a run for haversacks, and had to pass through the pallisade gate (I work at an 1815 recreation Fort). The gate is made up of two massive seige doors, set about 2 feet off the ground. When visitors are on site we keep the North Gate closed, since it leads to the administration buildings. There is a small door cut near the bottom of the left pallisade gate, but is isn't cut through to the bottom of the door. ie, across the bottom of this admittedly small gap of a door there is a large bar, a few inches above my knee height. I put my left foot through first, then gave a hop/jump to clear my right foot of the bar. I caught the foot, and came down on my bent right knee. All my weight, on nothing but my bent, arthritic, right knee. It hurt, but I limped to the Bellhouse, then back to admin and home. This morning it wasn't all that swollen, but it hurt very, very badly. So I went to the Dr.

I cracked my knee. Actually, I have a microfracture of the dextral medial knee joint. A hairline fracture on the inside-side of my right knee joint. They're not casting it, because it's hairline, but I have crutches and can't weight bear for 10 days. I am also in a lot of pain because of the fact that it isn't casted. At least I can go swimming still, as long as I'm careful.

Now, to answer questions. Thanks, Ang! I'm glad you think the ring (and me!) are gorgeous. And Linz, it's a sort-of-kind-of thing. We're waiting to be official until Christmas. I suppose you could call it a "Promise Ring", although that sounds rather juvenile and tacky. But it still makes me very, very happy :D

Now back to my (last!!!!!!!!! for this class at any rate) English essay.


Lauren said...

What a coincidence; my knee hurt so much last night! I get it every so often, usually on Saturdays. It feels like growing pains, but I know I'm not growing. It's too weird of a problem for me to ask an actual doctor about. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! And that ring is beautiful.

Linz said...

Oh no!!! I hope your knee recovers quickly!

And congrats on the unofficial promise ring - it really is beautiful, whatever you want to call it!