Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Thanks for the quilt comments :) I'm glad everybody likes them!

No posts from the weekend since Sean and I were in Dryden visiting the family. It poured rain and was somewhat chilly, so we spent our time building a food dryer from Hungry Hiker's Guide to Good Cooking. This summer we're planning on doing backpacking weekend trips, so we'll be drying our own ingredients to make dehydrated meals to take along. Much cheaper this way!

We also got my sister addicted to "Animal Crossing", hee hee. This is a VERY addictive video game, often described as the Nintendo equivalent of crack.

Not much knitting will be happening for a bit, since I have 3 English assignments to do before the 17th. One of them is on Sylvia Plath, whose poetry I have a distinct dislike for. It's very VERY dark and depressing. However another assignment is to climb Mt McKay or Sleeping Giant (to the best of our ability), comment on what the ascension, summit, and descent felt like to us, and compare it to Wordsworth's impressions from his "Prelude". That one should be more fun!


Rebecca said...

Are Mt. McKay and the Sleeping Giants the "hills" one flies past on their way into Thunder Bay? I flew to TBay last year, and no one could tell me what those hills were, or how they were formed.

Anonymous said...

According to Iris, if you climb "the chimney" on The Sleeping Giant, i.e. Sibley then intense fear should be the predominant impression.

For Rebecca. Mount McKay is the flat topped former mountain adjacent to the city and very close to the airport. The Sleeping Giant is the long peninsula that runs into Lake Superior and from T Bay looks like a giant lying on his back with his arms crossed.


Rebecca said...

Awesome! Thanks!