Saturday, June 11, 2005

Not much knitting

Like I said in the last post, unfortunately knitting is a little at the wayside at the moment, with school and work. However, today I got PVC piping to make a niddy-noddy, and I have been getting spare moments to work on my Vogue Knitting X-top with Katrina Yarn in Lagoon.

I'm thinking of holding a sort of Clapotis-along. I've noticed that lots of people are currently knitting, have knit, or plan to knit Clapotis. If you want me to post a link to yours, I'd be more than happy! Just leave a comment about it.

We're also starting up the food dryer this weekend, we just got the electrical wire to hook it up. Now we need cheesecloth to cover the racks, and we're ready to go!

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Linz said...

yay PVC niddy-noddies!

You can always link to my Clapotis: