Monday, June 13, 2005


I am SO excited for sockapal2za. I am itching to get my new pal and start knitting! I would start now (I have a few patterns picked out) but I don't know what kind of yarn my pal has/needs.

Amanda and Kristy (my co-workers) knit too, and when they found out I got a book on how to make your own space dyed wool (Yarns to Dye For). We may do so this weekend. It should be fun! I'm going to dye some watermelon yarn for socks or fuzzy feet.

I got to tour the Fort today, which was fun. They've had some problems with visitors confused over the format of the new "non-tour", so we had to act as tourists and take it. It was really neat, hearing everything from a visitor perspective. Plus, I hadn't been to the Fort since I was a fairly young child, so I got to relearn the history and layout.

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Linz said...

I too, am so excited for Sockapalooza2 - did you see the list of names is up?

By the way, I think you got some extra stuff in front of the link to my clapotis... =)