Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Whoops, sorry Linz! I fixed the link. I had forgotten to complete the html tag so the link was mixed up. I got my sockapal2za pal today, they're going to be purple, in a ribbed sock pattern. Although I may get excited and change that, I'd love to try a self-patterning yarn!

Today was exhausting at work, I put together over 70 Overnight Voyageur Program packages, each consisting of fitted pants (we have to look through LOTS of pairs for the right size), shirt, kerchief, voyageur sash, and capote. It bites, to be honest! We're all sick and tired of putting these together! On Friday we're having a board-game get together to celebrate the end of this hectic week. HOWEVER, we still have one more week of programs that promises to be just as icky.

I'm trying to look forward to working on site in July and August. Singing, dancing, and sewing will be lots more fun!

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