Saturday, September 17, 2005

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes everyone :) My birthDAY didn't get any better, really, but the next day was fun. We went out and played pool, Sean and Laura bought me a *few* birthday shots, then we went back to our place and played Mario Party 6. Yesterday I felt fine (really! I didn't have all THAT much and I drank lots of water), mailed off my socks to my sockapal, and went out for dinner with my Grandparents on my Mom's side and my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Anton (6) and Olivia (3) made me some presents, very cute drawings and cards.

I have plans today too, although they will need to be assisted by DayQuil. Sean and I both have colds. Mine had appeared to be getting better, but attacked again last night and today with a vengence. We're both trying to stave off strep throat/ear infections with the DayQuil. Anyway, Sean's going to go out to get my bday presents (he couldn't decide what to get) and pick up more DayQuil (because there's only enough for one of us, so he's getting that dose, then buying more to bring back to me). Tonight we're going out to dinner again with my grandparents and aunt and uncle (no cousins), then we'll probably rent a movie or something. Depending on how we feel we may go out, but I doubt it.

Oh, and my watermelon socks are being made with a pattern out of "Socks Socks Socks", although I had thought my idea was a totally original one. I was going to space-dye the yarn by hand (still thought the idea was original) until I bought "Yarns to Dye For" to give me a leg up on what I was doing. What did I find there? Instuctions for how to space dye watermelon sweater and socks! However, I modified them. Instead of having equal widths of green, white, and pink, mine will be a large amount of pink, small amount of white, and moderate amount of green to look more watermelon-like.

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