Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sockapal2za Socks

Finished socks! Yay! They turned out really nice, my Mom really loves them. They've been washed and are blocking on hanger sock blockers, and will be sent out tomorrow.

Gull Wings Lace sock pattern from "Socks Socks Socks" by Elaine Rowley.
"Sockotta" yarn, in varigated Blue-Green-Red-Purple

Now I'm working on the Alien Ilusion Scarf and my Watermelon Socks.


Anonymous said...

I do love them and the picture doesn't do them justice.

Well done!


Linz said...

Oh they are so lovely! Great work, Karlie!

Anonymous said...

Hey Karlie,
I worte a book - Socks 101 - and it has a pattern for Watermelon socks in it. Are you using my book?

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous and I love the lace pattern and the colors, and also, best of all, they fit perfectly! Thanks, sock pal! (picture of socks on my feet to be posted to journal shortly, once I manage to convince the cats to quit trying to eat the camera)

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