Monday, September 19, 2005

I got some lovely presents from Sean for my birthday:

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD
Phantom of the Opera DVD
Foxtrotus Maximus (Fox Trot Collection)
60-day pass to World of Warcraft

I've already read the book, very funny. The first movie was good too, although it was kind of foggy because I have this terrible cold. I'm waiting to watch Phantom until I can sing along (I've already seen it though and loved it).

Why is it that only one nostril is plugged at a time when you have a cold? And only one ear is ever plugged at a time? Poor Sean is having to take care of me - I had to leave class early today because no one could hear the professor over me coughing. I also coughed all last night keeping him awake. He doesn't mind though, as long as he gets some sleep.

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