Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here's my answers to Tiffany's contest for her leftover hand-painted sock yarn.

- favorite fall book to read: I like reading Harry Potter, since I first read it in the fall. Plus, all but one movie have come out in the fall-winter!

- favorite fall soup to eat: my Mom's potato leek soup - Mom, please e-mail me that recipe, by the way.

- favorite fall stew to eat: Beef Burgundy, ie a rich beef stew with a wine base, with turnips and carrots and potatoes. Either that or the beef and Guiness stew from O'Beirne's pub in Edmonton. It's the first time I've ever loved mushrooms.

- favorite healthy muffin recipe: blueberry! From the Betty Crocker Red Book.

- favorite fall tree: I think Tamaracks are really neat, since they're deciduous confiers. Really! To quote my favourite guidebook "As a deciduous conifer, tamarack is somewhat of an ecological puzzle since it sucessfully lives in what is normally considered an evergreen world". I also like Moose Maple* though, since it turns red (the only native tree that does up here).

# favorite fall knit: Mittens, socks, and ponchos. They're needed for warmth!

*um, what mountains? I don't see any mountains here. Or in Manitoba or Saskatchewan, for that matter (In fact, Saskatchewan mountain is a great example of an oxymoron)


Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan Mountain. that's funny. WOnder if any of your American readers will get it?

Anonymous said...

I came across your page from the list of referrers on my page and was wondering if you left a comment at the contest post. If not leave a comment here to be entered:


and if you did leave a comment I am really sorry I must have deleted it by accident - I have been swamped with spam comments at my blog.

Either way I'll keep my eye out for your comment especially.

Anonymous said...

Hi - it's me again! That beef stew recipe looks nummy. I like Michael Smith to boot! I have got you down for 4 entries - thanks for playing and best of luck!