Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Birthday Blues

I've discovered that a birthday doesn't feel like a birthday (not even a regular day) if you don't have plans. Not necessarily plans for that day, since I can live with not celebrating my birthday ON my birthday, but plans in general.

Sean has a cold and is not feeling well, and Laura is feeling homesick and wants to go home for the weekend. I tried to make plans for Friday, but we're not sure yet. I'm surprised by how crappy I feel over this. After all, it's just a birthday, and it's not a "big" one either, like 18 or 21 or anything. Besides, with all the horrors going on in the world right now should I really be whining about this?

Tough. I'm going to anyway. This sucks! No family party this year, even, because I haven't been able to get back to Dryden. Maybe if I MAKE some party plans it'll make me more happy and excited. I'll try to find a free weekend to go home, and hopefully Laura will get back to me tonight about Friday. And maybe Sean will feel better this evening.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Been there, done that, it sucks. Hope you manage to have your absolute bestest birthday bash yet! :) Happy Birdthday!

Linz said...

Ooooh no. I'm sorry - but happy birthday!