Sunday, July 31, 2005

Karma again...

So Karma is smacking me upside the head for having such a good couple of days (amazing thrift store fines, 89 on my psych test, Sean called from Fort Lauderdale, got the Chapters job).

I couldn't sleep last night. Then, I realise that Sean didn't leave me a cheque or his bank info for the rent, so I had to call Mom to bail me out until he gets home. I HATE THAT! I want to be able to stand on my own two feet, and I just can't. I also have a makeup Psych test to do, and the only day available is tomorrow evening. So I have 5 chapters of Psych to study and learn tonight.

The cats stole my glasses (they fell off the nighttable last night, and I saw them on the shelf. This morning they're not even in the bedroom, no idea where they are.)

The Italian cultural festival is going on outside my window, making it
a) hard to study
b) really tempting (no, I'm not going. I'm too cranky to go, and too busy)

I have to work from 9:45 AM to 9:30 PM Tuesday and Wednesday - Now the evening stuff is for Chapters so I completely don't mind, and I still like working at the Fort...but still. I'm going to have to eat Fast Food or something since I only have ten minutes once I finish the commute back to TBay after the Fort until I have to be at Chapters. It also leaves no extra time for more unpacking.

Tuesday night I have my second English assignment due, so I'm going to have to finish it up tomorrow. After the Psych test.

I'm gonna NEED the psych test. It'll prove I'm crazy.

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Linz said...

Ok, you're crazy busy!
Just take some time and breathe!