Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Pygmy Puff

It's a pygmy puff! Isn't it absolutely adorable? The pattern is Erin's from the HPKnit yahoo group. I knit it using a strand of Bernat PingPong in bright pink, Bernat Eyelash in "Wink", and Red Heart Foxy in a purple variegated colour. The beads are size "E" seed beads, sewed on afterwards. The loop at the top is for hanging, although right now she's guarding the top of our TV, between the stereo speakers.


Rebecca said...

*gasp* That is adorable! Way to go!

Linz said...

Ok, I'm not in on this whole Harry Potter thing, but that's the cutest little beast!

Anonymous said...

i think if it had a different nose i'd prefer it but i guess its pretty cute!!!