Thursday, July 28, 2005

Florida Presents, Part 1

Thanks Linz, I'm happy with the way the socks too :D I hope to finish the first one tonight (of course, now that I've stated that, it likely won't be finished until at LEAST two weeks when Sean is back from Florida since I've just asked for karma to smakc me). Also, if you want to make a pygmy puff, I'll ask the wonderful lady who wrote out the pattern on the yahoo group if I can post it here (with due credit to her, of course). They're SO much fun and so cute. I've had requests from people for them already!

I dropped Sean off at the airport at quarter after five, he promised to bring back a Tinkerbell t-shirt, or other Tinkerbell item - although when I talk to him on the phone I might ask for a cheshire cat one instead! He also is going to bring things from this quilt store his Mom wants to go to.

Yay! Although I'll miss him while he's gone, very much.

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