Monday, July 18, 2005

Never was there a more tale of woe...

No, my love life is fine. Fantastic actually, we're very happy with the new apartment.

My tale of woe is something else. As my readers ( *giggle snort* I really do have readers! At least 4! E., Ang, Mom, and Linz) will know, I busted up my knee at work this summer, and so haven't been able to work. However, it's getting better and they took me off crutches so I can go back to work now.

Wait for it.

My family has had a really, really terrible chest cold, more like influenza really. My sister got it, then gave it to my Mom. No worries, because I live 400 km away right? Well remember that wedding? For 2 nights we slept in the same room, were in the same van, and sat next to one another. I heard from them on Saturday that Dad started coming down with it. I'm starting to sweat a little, but think "OK, we'll bump up the Vitamin C and down some echinacea".

I have a sore throat.
And my left tonsil has really disgusting grey lumps on it. It looks like it's molding.

God help me.


Anonymous said...

I take no credit for that sore throat, mine never looked like yours sounds. Drink lots, ;)


Linz said...

You're definitely not allowed to get sick anymore. I've decided.

Karlie said...

Lol, thanks Linz ;) You sound like Sean.

"Maybe you've got strep AND what your Mom had..."