Sunday, February 25, 2007

Allllll byyyyyy myselllllfffff

So my honey is gone back to Lakehead for the rest of the semester. It was both less hard and harder to let him go this time, because now I know that the time is half over (and that he's also not going away this summer OR for his Masters right away). However, I know how much I missed him before and that makes it difficult.

However, since I missed some midterms being sick last week I kept myself busy today studying for two of them (so far) and making dinner - parmesan chicken fingers. I'm also going to make muffins for school snacks. On Mondays I have class at 9:30 (up at 7:30 to get there), then I work until 1:30 with no access to a microwave. This means that by 11:00 or so I'm getting hungry, since I ate almost 4 hours before. However, with no access to a microwave I can't usually eat my lunch then. Also, on Tuesdays I have class straight from 8:30-1:00 (up at 6:30) which means I'm again starving by 10:30/11:00. Muffins should help bridge this gap :)

This is a picture with the Panta I made this fall, wearing my alpaca mittens and my Mrs. Beetons (since I didn't have good pictures of anything but the mittens). I'm also wearing my faboo coat from GAP that's cherry red with purple silk lining in exactly the shade of that panta. In consequence, I'm making another pair of Mrs. Beetons using that yarn to match my winter coat.

This is an apple cozy I whipped up last night while Sean and I went through and watched all the funny episodes of Stargate from each season. Since I like Red Delicious apples and Braeburns the best, it's a little taller than the average cozy (although I might make a smaller one for the Braeburns once they come back in season). I made up the leaf as I went along, and I ADORE the button. It's a single one that I got in a bag of vintage buttons from Value Village. Isn't it so pretty?

I'm also going to eventually get some yellow, brown, and pink cotton to make a nectarine cozy and a banana cozy to protect those fruits in my lunch as well. Maybe even a tomato cozy...

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Elizabeth said...

The apple is so cute, it made me squee. Grouchy, jet lagged me. That's right. You're just that good.