Friday, February 23, 2007

Alpaca Mittens and Felted Clogs

Some finished projects:

The felted clogs I made with some lovely wool given to me by Jenny a few Christmases ago. I had trouble figuring out what to do with it, but I think these clogs are just lovely! I'm going to go get some clear fabric paint to coat the bottoms so I can wear them at school in the Wallace building (where most of my classes are).

Pattern: Fibre Trends Felted Clogs - Women's size S
Wool: Patons Classic Merino and Cascade Quattro
Changes : I didn't have enough of the purple to make a second purple outer sole, so I instead made another sole of the pink yarn and attached it to the inside of the clog instead.

These were fingerless mittens, but in the 3 weeks of icy cold we had I added fingers to them and thumbs so I could layer them with my Scandi mitts. They look a little bulky here, but they're actually very fine, thin, and delicate looking.

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Brown Alpaca given to me by Angela

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