Sunday, February 04, 2007

My fleece...

So it's been extremely cold here. Last night it was -49C with the windchill, and today it's still -33C and this weather is expected to continue for most of the rest of the winter. Factor in the fact that Fabricland had a big sale on polar fleece, and you end up with this:

I designed the pattern myself, based off of a hooded fleece from Old Navy which fit very well and looked really good on me. I traced some of the seam lines, but added side panels and a collar. I'm making two more, in pale yellow with lilac side panels, and then one with an inverted colour scheme. I have enough fleece left to make some vests and legwamers as well, so I'll be doing that too!

I've also gotten cable *finally* through Alan, so I can afford it. I was so excited when I called Sean about it last night that he thought I was crying, and freaked out because he thought I was either pregnant or someone had died. LOL

Today is for homework and sewing more fleece into warm clothes, since our forecast continues to be VERY cold.


Aimend said...

I like the new setup (someday I will learn HTML) and the fleece is great! The weather here is luckily not suffering-Canadian type weather, though today is one of those all over grey blah days.

Karlie said...

Actually, it's not HTML! (well part of it is) If you've got your blog on the new version of blogger (the one that uses google) you can change the template really easily.

Thanks, I'm so glad you like the fleece :D

Atrum Angelis said...

Mmm... hot Karlie.

What? I bet you're warm in your new fleece.