Wednesday, June 07, 2006

World's Best Sockpal

I have the world's best sockpal. No question. I got 2 pairs of socks (2! 2!) and 70% Cocoa German chocolate. I know my wonderful sock pal's name...but it's on the envelope, which is on the bookcase, which is far away from the couch where I am prostrate with pain from a nerve they nicked during an injection. Therefore pictures and more specific thanks will have to wait for a little bit. The socks are gorgeous though, and one pair is made from Regia Canadian Colors! (they spell it the American way). My socks are still waiting to go out due to technical difficulties, but they are travelling with a horde of goodies to make up for lateness. It's silly, because the socks were done a week before they were supposed to be sent out. A combinatin of pay-cheque waiting, stat holidays, and boyfriend work schedules made it impossible for them to go out before now, but very soon.

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