Monday, June 26, 2006


I can rejoin life! It's a day or two earlier than expected, but then again I didn't have them really badly. It wasn't until lunch today that I was sure, so I didn't go to work today but I'm going back tomorrow! I cleaned the apartment LOTS more, although it still looks disgusting *sigh* and packed up. I also went to Value Village to drop off a bunch of clothes Sean and I were donating. I also went in, to buy nice wool blankets to use as the "batting" for Anton and Olivia's quilts. I got those, as well as scoring a few excellent finds.

Yay for vintage fabric! The navy and green stuff in the lower left corner seems to be polyester, and is lots for a knee-length skirt or a top. The stuff above that is all a heavy canvas-like material that could make cute clutches. The patches Mara is examining are all vintage cotton, which will someday become part of a cute patchwork quilt.

This is a handmade apron I got for 99 cents, and I absolutely adore it! The purple is so bright and vibrant, and I suspect it's 60's or 70's fabric as well. It very much looks like it at any rate.

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