Saturday, June 24, 2006

The good thing about being stuck at home is that I've not forgotten a single pill. Usually I forget at least one or two, but not so far! I'm stuck at home at least until Wednesday, maybe Friday. The little spots are in an area about 1.5 times the size of a toonie, and they're just these itty bitty little red things! It's funny, because I had hardly any spots and was hardly sick with chicken pox either! But no matter how sick you are or how many spots you have, you're still contagious. So I'm still at home *sigh*. I went out very briefly yesterday, just to get the first season of "House" and gas (and a slurpee...mmmmm).

I'm feeling a little better today, so maybe I'll clean the kitchen. If I still have energy, next is packing up some more sweaters, and then maybe trying to make my shirred top. I'll have pictures of stay progress today, once I finish some dishes up. I've got 5 of 8 gores stitched in now (and thank God I was smart enough to do the larger hip gores first).

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