Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Went back to work today, and started stitching on the pelisse/half-robe coat. It was nice for the day to go by a little faster and have people to talk to!

It looks as though Sean is having a great time in London. His blog takes a loooooong time to load even on high speed or broadband because of all the pictures. You can read about a few ghostly encounters he had in the Tower of London. He's also called a few times, although Sunday morning he forgot about the time difference and called at 7:30AM :) But that's OK. Sean, if you read this, you'll have to call me at 8:15 my time (1:15PM your time) or after 10:00PM your time.

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Elizabeth said...

The only time I screwed up the time change was when we 'sprang ahead.' I'm not sure why, or how everything all works, but Prague turned the clocks forward one week before Alberta did. I called dad at five in the morning! What's REALLY weird is that he never said anything about it - I found out when I was talking to someone else!!