Sunday, January 01, 2006

Another day, another year

Well, so long to 2005 and hello to 2006! Lets go over some things:

This year I met and began dating Sean, the love of my life (aka FHBF or DBF).
I got over mono and managed to finish last school year as top of my class in Igneous Petrology.
I learned to knit socks.
I learned to hand-dye my own wool and spin it.
I watched my sister cheerlead.
I started recycling sweaters from the Sally Ann and Value Village.
I dressed up for two movies - Revenge of the Sith and Goblet of Fire.
I got my first piece of jewelery from a boy (Sean, of course).
I busted my knee and had to be off work for a month.
I went to Mall of America and Legoland.
I went to my cousin's wedding.
I read "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and cried the second time through.
I wrote my first knitting pattern.
I found out I might have celiac disease.
I learned to knit lace.
I got consistent blog readers!
Lastly, my computer totally died, but my Uncle is fixing it as a Christmas present.

Not a bad year! (It's so sad that I quickly read through my blog to remember some of that stuff) Now let's look at last year's New Year's Resolutions.

1) Write in blog Monday, Wednesday, Friday
2) Take my vitamins/eat healthy every day
3) Excercise more
4) Lose 5 lbs - what this actually means is lose 5 lbs of fat, I don't care if I end up weighing more due to muscle mass later on
5) Knit more
6) Snowboarding as soon as I'm allowed to again

OK, I didn't live up to 1 or 3 at all really, but I did try to eat healthier, I knit lots more (unfortunately contributing to the lack of exercise, I have to learn to knit and walk) and I did lose about 5 lbs and go snowboarding again.

This year:

1) Eat healthier and try to STAY healthier
2) Excercise more - this means that besides trying to get out and walk, climb, snowboard, etc. I'm also going to do yoga at least 3 times a week.
3) Strictly follow a budget
4) Work even harder at school
5) Try to get out and do more things with more people, including Sean!

This list will probably be added to, and I might take down the Christmas gift countdown and put that up instead, in hopes of living up to it more!

Next January we'll see if I lived up to expectations.

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Elizabeth said...

hi ducky! I'm glad you had a happy Christmas. I'm home now, but don't have a key to the mailbox, so I have to wait for my roomie to get back before I can see if your package arrived. :)

My resolutions are: lose these last 10 lbs, stick to my carefully planned budget, and make one trip per month. Nov. was Germany, December was England. Jan. will hopefully be Austria, Feb., Germany (to visit Bari!), and March - well, I don't know yet. :)

Love you!