Monday, January 23, 2006

No Rogue Back Yet

I'm glad everyone likes the socks! The coat, Angela, is also very very nice. I just love it.

So I got fairly close to finishing the back, but instead of finishing it I did some homework (research on Margaret Atwood, snore) and went tubing at the ski hill. I also played a little WarCraft (have I mentioned I play World of WarCraft? It's a good thing I have another addiction - knitting - that takes the place of that because that's a seriously addictive game).

I've also seen the projects for the spring issue of IK, and I think I'd like to make Simply Lovely Lace Socks, Pullover Flair, and the Picot Camisole. Anyone want to go in buying the magazine with me? ;)

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TrampledbyGeese said...

I read on your blog that you are going to knit the Simply Lovely Lace Socks soon. I am also going to be knitting these just as soon as the yarn comes in the post.

I have never knitted lace before, so I though why not start a small Knit-A-Long. If you are interested, feel free to stop by my blog, or you can visit the group at:

Also, I love those winter mitts you knit for the k-olympics.